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mysql Ver 9.23

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mysql  Ver 9.23 Distrib 3.22.7b-beta, for pc-cygwin32 (i386)
By TCX Datakonsult AB, by Monty
This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Usage: mysql [OPTIONS] [database]

  -A, --no-auto-rehash  No automatic rehashing. One has to use 'rehash' to
                        get table and field completion. This gives a quicker
                        start of mysql.
  -B, --batch           Print results with a tab as separator, each row on
                        a new line. Doesn't use history file
  -C, --compress        Use compression in server/client protocol
  -#, --debug=...       Output debug log. Often this is 'd:t:o,filename`
  -T, --debug-info      Print some debug info at exit
  -e, --execute=...     Execute command and quit.(--batch is implicit)
  -f, --force           Continue even if we get an sql error.
  -?, --help            Display this help and exit
  -h, --host=...        Connect to host
  -n, --unbuffered      Flush buffer after each query
  -O, --set-variable var=option
                        Give a variable an value. --help lists variables
  -o, --one-database    Only update the default database. This is useful
                        for skipping updates to other database in the update
  -p[password], --password[=...]
                        Password to use when connecting to server
                        If password is not given it's asked from the tty.

  -P  --port=...        Port number to use for connection
  -q, --quick           Don't cache result, print it row by row. This may
                        slow down the server if the output is suspended.
                        Doesn't use history file
  -r, --raw             Write fields without conversion. Used with --batch
  -s, --silent          Be more silent.
  -L, --skip-line-numbers  Don't write line number for errors
  -S  --socket=...      Socket file to use for connection
  -t  --table=...       Output in table format
  -u, --user=#          User for login if not current user
  -v, --verbose         Write more (-v -v -v gives the table output format)
  -V, --version         Output version information and exit
  -E, --vertical        Print the output of a query (rows) vertically
  -w, --wait            Wait and retry if connection is down

Possible variables for option --set-variable (-O) are:
max_allowed_packet    current value: 25165824l
net_buffer_length     current value: 16384l

MySQL error!
SQL query:

MySQL error:

-> Script beendet.