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jdo [-Switch [arg]] [directory]file(s)
Example: jdo -q 50 -d -ssv D:\*.jpg

General Options

 -d          Recurse subdirectories
 -n          Don't reprocess if already processed by JDO (see help)
 -e          Stop on error
 -a filename Specify an advanced options file (see help)

JPEG/GIF/PNG Compression

 -q nnn   Quality. Set output quality (Default = Read from input)
 -m nnn   Set % of MagiCompression, 0 = none, 100 = max (Default = 50%)
 -qb nnn  Set maximum size of image in bytes
 -uc nnn  Set number of colors in output palette (GIF/PNG) 1-256 (Default=256)
 -ud nnn  Set % dithering (GIF/PNG), 0-100 (Default=0)
 -x[f]    Keep Extra color, force extra color if -xf
 -g[f]    Keep progressive, force progressive if -gf

Status Options

-s[o][v][f][s][l] [filename]

  o   Don't write progress results to standard output
  v   Verbose progress (Names of files as they are compressed)
  f   Display current file number (progress indicator)
  s   Write Summary Statistics at the end
  l   log to file (specified as next parameter)
  filename to append output to a log file

Output Options

-o[j|g|n|b|t][r][x][p OutPath][a Text]    Output file options

  j   Output JPEGs (default)
  g   Output GIFs
  n   Output PNGs
  b   Output BMPs (24 bit)
  t   Output TIFFs (24 bit)
  s   Output same type as read in (JPG>JPG, GIF>GIF etc.)
  r   Overwrite read only files
  x   Don't create the output images, e.g. for reporting potential savings
  p   path    Write output files to the supplied directory
  a   Text    Append Text to file name, eg -oa _t changes fn.jpg to fn_t.jpg
  d   xx yy   Set X and Y resolution to xx and yy DPI (default - same as input)

Clean Image Options

-cn nn        Remove noise, 0 de-spot, 100 de-spot and max filter
-ca aa r.r ss Advanced remove noise,
    aa amount in %, r.r radius in pixels, ss Sensitivity in %

Resize and Thumbnailing Options

 -rh[m] nnnn  Resize the image to have height nnnn pixels
 -rw[m] nnnn  Resize the image to have width nnnn pixels
 -rk nn.nn    Specify amount to sharpen after resize (default 0.3)
 -rb#rrggbb   Scale to max dimensions given by the -rh and -rw switches.
              Optional color (in hex HTML format) as the background color.
 -rc xo yo ww hh Crop image with  xoffset yoffset width height
 -t[i][b] nn  Thumbnail mode, create thumbnails and HTML index with links
    [i]       Create and HTML index file with nn columns (jdoindex.html)
    [b]       Bare: omit HTML header and footer

Visible Watermarking Options

 -vf filename   Visible watermark file name (.TIF or .JPG)
 -vp            Specify that TIF is of type with pre-multiplied alpha
 -vo nn         Visible watermark opacity in % (default 100%)
 -vl pp         Visible watermark location, (default top left)
 -vm nnn nnn    Horizontal and vertical margins in pixels  (default 20)
 -vt#rrggbb     Visible watermark transparent color (rgb hex)
 -vs            Snap to JPEG 8x8 or 16x16 block (improves edges)

Digimarc Invisible Watermarking Options

 -we nn          Embed Digimarc Watermarks at nn intensity (1-16)
 -wm nn          Minimum Watermark Durability %, (Auto Watermark Mode)
 -wc nn nnnnnn   Creator PIN and ID
 -wy nnnn nnnn   Copyright Years
 -wi nnnnnnnn[+] Image ID, + for auto increment
 -wt nnnnnnnn[+] Transaction ID, + for auto increment
 -w[r][n][a]     'r' Restricted, 'n' Do Not Copy, 'a' Adult Content
 -ws nnn         Resolution in DPI (default 100)
 -wl filename    Append watermarking summary to log file (default jdo.log)
 -wl-            Don't write watermarking log file

Text Annotation Options

 -tt "text"     Required text, following codes possible:
                +f filename, +e extension, +p file path
                +t time (hh:mm), +d date (dd-Mmm-yy), ++=+
 -tf[b][i] font nn System font and size (default Arial, 24),
                   Optional: b for bold, i for italic
 -tc#rrggbb     Text color in hex (default white)
 -tg#rrggbb hh vv Background color in hex (default none)
                and margins around text (horizontal and vertical)
 -td rr dd bb   Use drop shadow rr and dd pixels right and down, bb blur
 -to nn         Opacity in % (default 100%)
 -tl pp         Location, (default top left), eg tl (top left)
 -tm hh vv      Horizontal and vertical spacing from edge in pixels, default 20
 -ts            Snap to JPEG 8x8 or 16x16 block (improves edges)

Input Image Information Reporting Options

-i[g][w][c]    Output Image Information

  g   General Image Info e.g. width, height, filesize
  w   Watermarking Info
  c   create machine read CSV data with header rather than human readable

-a switch: advanced options

 a # marks the rest of the line as a comment
 If a line in the file starts with a number it will be taken as a quality
  programming point e.g.

 100 95 50 g   # Drop qual 100 to 95 with 50% MagiCompresion, keep progressive
  95 90 40 g   # Drop qual 95 to 90 with  40% MagiCompresion
  90 90 30 g x # etc, keep extra color
  50 50  0 g x # don't use MagiCompression after q 50
   1  1  0 g x

 <nnnnn   Instructs jdo to skip the file if it is less than nnnnn bytes in size
 %nn      Instruct jdo to skip the file if savings would be less than nn%


 -ll nnn   Set % automatic levels adjustment (Default 0=OFF)
 -lc nnn   Set % automatic color adjustment  (Default 0=OFF)
 -ls nnn   Set % sharpen                     (Default 0=OFF)
 -lb nnn   Set % brightness adjustment       (Default 0=OFF)
 -ln nnn   Set % contrast adjustment         (Default 0=OFF)
 -lg nnn   Set % gamma adjustment            (Default 0=OFF)

Summary of usage:

 -q   Quality      -m  MagiCompression -uc  Colors   -n Don't reprocess
 -rh  height       -rw width           -rb[#color] box with color
 -ss  Summary      -sv show filenames  -sf show file numbers
 -og  Output GIFs  -oj Output GIFs     -ot  Output TIFFs
 -op OutPath       -or Overwrite read only files
 -d   Recurse subdirectories
 -cn nn    Remove noise
 -vf logo.tif -vo 50 -vl br -vm 30 30 Add visible watermark
 -we nn -wc pp ccccccc Embed Digimarc Watermarks at nn intensity (1-16)
                       PIN pp, Creator ID, cccccc
 -tt "text" -tf Times -tl br -tc#00a0ff Add text to image
 -h        Display all help screens.
 -h[0-13]  More help screens, ie:
  0:summary,        1:general,       2:jpeg/gif compression
  3:status,         4:output,        5:clean/noise
  6:resize/thumbnailing, 8:watermarking, 9: text
 10:image info,     12:advanced options, 13:enhancement

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