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Copy2Disc.exe - Version 1.1.0, using the recording engine RecDev.DLL (December 15, 2004)
Copyright (c) 2002-2004 by Engelmann Media GmbH, www.engelmann.com

This software is a part of the BatchDisc tools, www.batchdisc.com

Copy2Disc burns the content of the specified path or the files in the list via image or 'on-the-fly'
The optional imagename, which requires the prefix 'via=' has to be provided without
extension - the extension '.ISO' will be concatenated. If the 'in=' filename is preceded by the '@',
all the files/ paths listed therein will be taken instead of a single input file path
A third string without in=/via= will be used as volume name
Specify the device as /ID=x:y:z or set it at the prompt: >SET CDWRITER=x:y:z
where x/y/z are numbers for the SCSI port/target/LUN as you get them with ScanBus
Additionally you have several options in any order to tell Copy2Disc.exe how to proceed:
/BEEP	- if you want to be informed acoustically when finished
/BUP=ON(OFF)	- enables (disables) BurnProof and similar technologies, if supported
/CACHE=## uses ## MB memory for caching data, at least twice as large as the internal buffer
/JOLIET	- enables long filename support (Joliet); default is pure ISO9660
/NOCONFIRM	- if you want to begin immediately with building the image file
/RECURSE	- includes all subdirectories; default: only files included
/SKIP	- will skip files which are inaccessible or whose path exceeds the allowed length
/BACKUP	- will only include files whose Archive attribute is set, reflecting changes
/H, /S, or combined /HS,/SH will include files with these attributes too (if accessible)
/FINALIZE	- will do this, otherwise the session remains open
/APPEND	- useful for Multisession-CDs: a new empty session will follow after
/IMPORT	- imports the last session (would replace older versions of a file by a newer one)
/TEST	- only simulates the burn process, however insert a writeable disc !
/BURNifOK	- starts burning after succesful test
/NOEJECT	- overwrites the default setting of ejecting the disc
/Lock	- prevents the removal of the disc until the task has finished
/REG has to be done once; asks for the product key interactively - ignoring other options
/REG=<key> can be used alternatively, as well as /USER=... and /COMPANY=... (optional)
/USER= and /COMPANY= won't be evaluated if no precedent /REG= flag on the command line

ERRORLEVEL 1 : unsufficient or contradictory arguments
ERRORLEVEL 2 : could not detect cd writer
ERRORLEVEL >2: caused by SCSI or system errors, or user interaction

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