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GrabDisc.exe - Version 1.1.0, using the recording engine RecDev.DLL (December 15, 2004)
Copyright (c) 2002-2004 by Engelmann Media GmbH, www.engelmann.com

This software is a part of the BatchDisc tools, www.batchdisc.com

Usage: GrabDisc.exe <img-filename> [/NOCONFIRM] [/NOEJECT] [/BEEP] [/CACHE=##] [/SPEED=##] [{/RAW | /PQ | /ALL}]

GrabDisc reads the content of the disc inserted in the drive at the specified address
The imagename has to be provided without extension. Please take care that no files with
this name and extension '.XM?' exist for to avoid unintentional overwriting.
Specify the device as /ID=x:y:z or set it at the prompt: >SET CDREADER=x:y:z
where x/y/z are numbers for the SCSI port/target/LUN as you get them with ScanBus
Additionally you have several options in any order to tell GrabDisc.exe how to proceed:
/RAW	- grabs raw 2352 Byte sectors, but ignores subchannel data - default value
/PQ	- if you want to include the 16 Byte of the P and Q subchannels (2368 Byte sectors)
/ALL	- will include all the 96 Byte subchannel data from P thru W (2448 Byte sectors)
However DVDs will ignore these read mode flags - only grabbable with 2048 Byte sectors
/BEEP	- if you want to be informed acoustically when finished
/NOCONFIRM	- Disables all confirmation prompts
/NOEJECT	- overwrites the default setting of ejecting the disc
/SPEED=<number> tries to set the write speed to the <number>fold single speed
/CACHE=##	- will use this amount in MB (at least 2*internal cache) instead the usual 64 MB
/REG has to be done once; asks for the product key interactively - ignoring other options
/REG=<key> can be used alternatively, as well as /USER=... and /COMPANY=... (optional)
/USER= and /COMPANY= won't be evaluated if no precedent /REG= flag on the command line

ERRORLEVEL 1 : unsufficient or contradictory arguments
ERRORLEVEL 3 : could not open the target file for write
ERRORLEVEL 4 : insufficient free space for write
ERRORLEVEL >4: caused by SCSI or system errors, or user interaction

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