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PrcView v

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PrcView v command line utility by Igor Nys
Usage: pv -[<MODE>] -[<OPTIONS>] <ARGUMENTS>...-[<OPTIONS>]
  -a       --activate  activate PROCESS, brings it in the foreground
  -c       --close     close (send WM_CLOSE) to the PROCESS
  -g       --getenv    get startup environment for the  PROCESS
  -h,-?    --help      display this help information
  -k       --kill      kill PROCESS
  -m       --module    show modules used by specified PROCESS
  -p[nihr] --priority  set priority to "Normal", "Idle", "High", "Real Time"
    [ba]               "Below Normal" and "Above Normal" only on W2K or higher
  -s       --summary   show MODULE usage summary
  -t       --tree      display process tree, -te for computer-readable format
  -u       --usage     show processes that uses specified MODULE
  -x       --exit      wait for the process completion (exit), -d sets time-out

  -d[time] --delay     delay time in milliseconds before executing command
  -e,      --extend    show additional information if available
  -f,      --force     never prompt
  -i,      --id        use process ID instead of the PROCESS name
  -l[mask] --long      include process command line matching mask
  -n       --number    return code contains negative number of matched processes
  -q,      --quiet     supress headers and produce a tab-separated list
  -r[err]  --repeat    repeat command in a cycle, err coresponds to an errorlevel
  -w[mask] --window    show processes with visible windows matching mask,
                       -e includes in search also invisible windows

Arguments can contain '*' and '?' wildcards.

Use return code (%ERRORLEVEL%) in batch files:
    0 - process found, or reflects number of process if -n is specified
    1 - empty result set, 2 - programm error

  pv myprocess.exe        get process ID for myprocess.exe.
  pv -e                   get extended list of running processes.
  pv -k sleep*            kill all processes starting with "sleep"
  pv -m -e explorer.exe   get extended information about explorer's modules
  pv -u oleaut*.dll       list of all processes that use matching dll
  pv -ph w*.exe           set priority to hight for all matching processes
  pv explorer.exe -l"*/S" looks for explorer process with /S switch

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