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Tooldeteils: PsLogList v2.21

PsLogList v2.21

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PsLogList v2.21 - local and remote event log viewer
Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com

PsLogList dumps event logs on a local or remote NT system.

Usage: psloglist [\\RemoteComputer [-u Username [-p Password]]]
[-s [-t delimiter]] [-n # | -d #][-c][-x][-r][-a mm/dd/yy][-b mm/dd/yy]
[-f filter] [-l event log file] <event log>
     -u        Specifies optional user name for login to
               remote computer.
     -p        Specifies password for user name.
     -s        Records are listed on one line each with delimited
               fields, which is convenient for string searches.
     -t        The default delimiter for the -s option is a comma,
               but can be overriden with the specified character.
     -n        Only display n most recent records.
     -d        Only display records from previous n days.
     -c        Clear event log after displaying.
     -x        Dump extended data.
     -r        Dump log from least recent to most recent.
     -a        Dump records timestamped after specified date.
     -b        Dump records timestamped before specified date.
     -f        Filter event types with filter string (e.g. "-f w" to
               filter warnings).
     -l        Dump the contents of the specified saved event log file.
     eventlog  Specifies event log to dump. Default is system. If the
               -l switch is present then the event log name specifies
               how to interpret the event log file.

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