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Tooldeteils: PsList 1.26

PsList 1.26

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PsList 1.26 - Process Information Lister
Copyright (C) 1999-2004 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com

Usage: pslist.exe [-d][-m][-x][-t][-s [n] [-r n] [\\computer [-u username][-p password][name|pid]
   -d          Show thread detail.
   -m          Show memory detail.
   -x          Show processes, memory information and threads.
   -t          Show process tree.
   -s [n]      Run in task-manager mode, for optional seconds specified.
               Press Escape to abort.
   -r n        Task-manager mode refresh rate in seconds (default is 1).
   \\computer  Specifies remote computer.
   -u          Optional user name for remote login.
   -p          Optional password for remote login. If you don't present
               on the command line pslist will prompt you for it if necessary.
   name        Show information about processes that begin with the name
   -e          Exact match the process name.
   pid         Show information about specified process.

All memory values are displayed in KB.
Abbreviation key:
   Pri         Priority
   Thd         Number of Threads
   Hnd         Number of Handles
   VM          Virtual Memory
   WS          Working Set
   Priv        Private Virtual Memory
   Priv Pk     Private Virtual Memory Peak
   Faults      Page Faults
   NonP        Non-Paged Pool
   Page        Paged Pool
   Cswtch      Context Switches

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